Professional Services

I aim to deliver professional services that are flexible and designed to help clients achieve their goals. 

Implementation-Informed Evaluation

I conduct quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods studies, and specialize in child and family services.  With any evaluation or CQI project, I bring together relevant research and theory and encourage clients to bring their experience, observations and hypotheses.  Together, we develop evaluation plans that meet client’s needs while capitalizing on previous work that has been done.  We design data collection mechanisms that collect reliable data as efficiently as possible.  We also develop feedback loops so that data from the evaluation can be used as part of CQI efforts. 

Capacity-Building Technical Assistance

I have been providing technical assistance since I helped start the Atlantic Coast Child Welfare Implementation Center in 2008.  With any technical assistance project, I aim to bring together relevant research and theory into a plan of services that will support clients in meeting their goals.  I draw from implementation science, organizational development, and capacity-building literatures to offer research- and theory-informed strategies.

Kaye Implementation & Evaluation, LLC is a woman-owned small business based in the Washington, DC metro region.